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Protect Your Home From Basement Flooding in Manitoba











Winnipeg homeowners that need to install Sump Pump Systems and In-Line Backwater Valves should refer to the City of Manitoba website about the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program that is offered to help homeowners protect their homes from severe weather.

The program is dependent on available funding however, they still accept applications until the funding is confirmed at which point they process the applications in the order they are received.

The province will cover up to 60 percent of the purchase and installation of a drainage backup system. This comes as a relief to many homeowners as the province is helping address seasonal flooding issues that seem to occur ever year. Continue reading

Splashing Good Times!

Spring is here! That means summer is right around the corner and wading pools and sprinklers across Winnipeg will reacquaint themselves with young children. Plumbing issues on the other hand, are no fun at all.

Here are the top five tips from Derksen Plumbing and Heating about getting your plumbing ready for a carefree summer. Continue reading

Preventative Maintenance

Derksen Plumbing & Heating

Your Winnipeg business depends on a complicated anatomy of pipes and wiring to keep you comfortable. Everything from your heating to A/C to plumbing and sump pumps are made up of countless components. Ideally, everything works in concert, as designed. However, as you probably already know, heating, cooling and plumbing in Winnipeg can be full of surprises. That’s why a maintenance contract with Derksen Plumbing and Heating for your business can be one of the best investments you ever make. Continue reading

Stumped About Your Pump? – Let’s Take a Tour of Your Sump Pump!

Many homeowners may not know much about their sump pump, or even what exactly it is. Knowing about the pump will help you keep it maintained and keep your home safe from flooding, so it’s certainly advisable to inform yourself about the basics. Here’s a little tour of your sump pump!

First of all, what is a sump? It is simply a pit where liquid collects. Generally, the sump for your house will be a pit under a drain at the lowest point in your basement. Water will collect there as opposed to flowing randomly into your basement, which is good. However, it isn’t meant to hold that much water, so when there is a lot of water flowing, due to storming or flooding, the sump pump comes into play and pumps out the water.

Some sump pumps have the motor up on a pedestal to keep it out of the water, while others simply sit on the bottom of the sump and can be submerged. Both work, it is simply a matter of which was chosen when your house was constructed. Both may have ball float activated switches, as well. Both types also need to have valves on the outlet pipe to prevent backflow.

If you are experiencing regular flooding, you should also make sure that your pump drain hose is directing water to an appropriate location. If it pumps out water too close to your house or on a slope toward your house, the water may just come back in again.

While simple maintenance on your sump pump can be done yourself if you are handy, if you are feeling unsure, you should always call in experts. For sump pump cleaning in Winnipeg, call in Derksen Plumbing and Heating at 204-944-3444.

Get Your Home Ready

Preparing your home from heavy rains of spring is easier than you think, and absolutely essential to the condition of your property. Because homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover damages caused by overland flooding, it can also be an essential part of protecting your investment from costly water damages.

One of the best ways to protect your home and belongings from water damage is to be well prepared in advance by taking steps to minimize the risk of damage resulting from spring thaws and rains before they begin. Valuables that you’ve stored in the basement should be moved to higher floors, floor drains should be checked for obstructions and carefully cleaned, and a sump pump should be installed. Existing sump pumps should be tested and checked to be sure that they’re in proper working condition. Sewer backflow valves can also prevent water from entering your basement, though it’s important to check municipal regulations beforehand to clarify any local requirements. These two upgrades alone can help to prevent the bulk of spring flooding, and are proactive methods for the prevention of basement water damage.

Another great way to prevent problems is to carefully inspect the grading around your home. The slope of the ground around your house’s foundation does significantly contribute to flooding and flood prevention alike.

Call Derksen Plumbing & Heating at 204-944-3444 for assistance in protecting your home against flood damage.