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Professional Boiler Inspections & Tune Ups

It’s that time of year again. With the heating season upon us, but before the bitter cold settles in, it is time to have an annual inspection of your heating system completed. Whether you use a regular furnace or a boiler system to heat your home or business, we can service them all and are available for annual and periodic inspections and tune ups, as well as, emergency service appointments.

The safe and continual operation of your heating system is as important to us as it is to you. Our technicians are experienced and certified to maintain and repair your boiler system. When you call Derksen Plumbing for an annual tune-up on your boiler system there are several things we will do:
· We will inspect all vents, pipes, joints, and connections for leakage and damage.
· We will check the operation of all safety gauges, fluid levels, and start-up performance.
· We will conduct a thorough cleaning of your boiler.
· We will ensure your boiler is in optimal working condition.

Unfortunately, there are times when a boiler system can have a malfunction, in spite of regular maintenance. When it comes to your heating system, consider the following questions:
Do you have any suspicion that your boiler may not be working properly?
Does your home feel cold even though your boiler seems to be working?
Have you noticed any signs of leakage in or around your boiler?
Are you noticing strange or unfamiliar sounds emanating from your heating system?
Has your boiler system been neglected and missed a service call over the last couple years?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any of these questions, you will want to give us a call and get the issue taken care of. Derksen Plumbing is your “go-to” service provider for all your heating system inspection and maintenance needs.

For Safety and Savings – Service Your Boiler Annually!

As the heating season approaches, now is the time to get your boiler heating system serviced. Putting your boiler through a regular “check-up” will ensure that your boiler is functioning to its highest efficiency and the specifications of the manufacturer. Any needed repairs can be completed immediately, preventing more costly repairs in the future. This will also help to prolong the life of your boiler.

During the check-up you can expect your boiler to go through a thorough cleaning to remove any soot from the surfaces of the heat exchanger. The air-to-fuel combustion ratio will also be checked and readjusted. Both of these processes will help to improve efficiency of your boiler, thus reducing operation costs.
It’s important to check for gas, oil and water leaks, and the technician will check the start-up performance of your boiler. The service provider will also listen for any unusual sounds that could indicate component failure, and all safety controls will be checked for proper operation.

The benefits of having your boiler checked far out-weigh the cost of the service charge. Not only will you benefit from decreased heating costs, because your boiler is operating at peak efficiency, but you will also benefit from living with peace of mind that your boiler is operating safely through the coldest weather.

If you are performing regular visual inspections of your boiler on a daily and monthly basis, it is recommended that you have a professional check-up once a year, at the start of the heating season. To ensure the job is done properly and all aspects of your boiler are inspected, you’ll want to contact a specially trained and licensed technician. Derksen Plumbing is the professional to contact for all your boiler inspection and repairs.

Boiler Maintenance: A Priority for Your Business

Business owners who use boiler-heating know that special care must be taken to keep the boiler operating safely and efficiently while extending the life of the boiler. Keeping a regularly scheduled maintenance routine will help prevent equipment failure and long-term problems.

Keep the manual. It has maintenance recommendations specific to the make and model of boiler you own. Besides those recommendations, you can set up your own schedule. Here is a sample list of recommended “checks” for all boiler systems. This list is by no means comprehensive and all services should be completed by a professional who is trained and licensed in boiler operation and repair:

Every day:
· Check for leaks: There should not be water on the floor around the boiler.
· Be sure the boiler area and all openings, vents, etc. into the boiler are unobstructed and there are no combustible materials nearby.
· Check pressure gauges, temperature readings and the display panel for proper levels and any service codes or errors.
· Listen for any unusual vibrations or noises

Each Month:
· Check the relief valve and the relief valve discharge pipe for weeping and leaks.
· Check the drainage system including the line, fittings and trap for blockages.
· Check all piping and vents for any sign of deterioration, blockage or leaking.

· Check the hydronic pipes for leaking
· Test the low-water-cutoff device
· Check burner flame for “normal” appearance.

You can perform all of these checks, but be sure to take note of any system needs and report them to a qualified boiler service provider to get them fixed. Then each year you’ll want to have a professional inspection of your system that includes the following:
· Have all wiring and connections checked.
· Inspect and clean the boiler heat exchanger, the burner assembly, the condensate and venting systems.
· All joint and pipe connections should be tight.
· Water PH levels should be checked.
· Control settings, safety controls and test operations should also be checked.

Derksen Plumbing is the qualified professional who can help you with all your boiler operation maintenance needs and repairs.

5 Home Heating Tune-Up Tips

Winter is fast approaching.  Having an inspection and tune-up now of your home heating systems will save you from the chills of mid-winter repairs.  Here are 5 tips to get you prepared for the winter season.

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Preparing for the Cold: Furnace and Boiler Tips for the Winter Season

There are many things we do not look forward to during Winnipeg winters so we should do as much as we can to prevent any other inconveniences.

We would all like to stay warm during the winter months, therefore we need to make sure our furnace or boilers are working as efficiently as possible.

Here are a few tips to ensure your household stays warm throughout the winter season.

• Check if you have a clean furnace. One of the major problems is dirt. It affects the three major parts of your furnace system: the filter, the blower and the motor. Take out the filter and hold it to a light, if it looks clogged, replace it with a new one.

• If you have a boiler, make certain that the expansion tank is filled, the pump is properly lubricated and the burners are cleaned.

• Check the fuel systems and test the boiler safety device as recommended by the manufacturer.

• Clean and inspect vents and chimneys to make sure proper draft occurrence and to remove combustion gases.

• Stay safe. Install a Carbon Monoxide (CO), a colourless and odorless gas that is fatal, detector in you furnace room. Carbon Monoxide is created by the combustion in your furnace and if it’s out of adjustment, CO can leak in your home and can be deadly.

If you need help with preparing your furnace or boiler for winter, give us a call at 204.944.3444.