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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Winnipeg With Derksen Plumbing & Heating


In Winnipeg, we get hit hard with winter weather.  Lots of snow and when Spring finally arrives everything melts fast and furious. Let’s consider the effects of the winter snowfall on your Air Conditioning unit. Continue reading

Air Conditioner Basics

Your central air conditioning system is comprised of a condenser unit, which is the large unit that sits outside your home, and an evaporator, which usually resides in the plenum or main duct above your furnace.The cool air from your air conditioning system flows through the same filter and ductwork that your warm air does from your furnace.

The sizing of your AC unit is expressed in tons. The sizing relates to how much heat per hour the unit can remove from your home. A 3 ton unit can remove 36,000 btu’s of heat per hour. AC units also have a SEER rating. This is its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the ratio, the less energy the unit requires to cool your home. This translates into cost savings for the homeowner.

It is important to provide some basic protection for the condensing unit that sits out of doors. A homeowner will want to keep weeds and plants trimmed around the unit, so that there is no growth attempting to enter the unit. You should also make sure there are no overhanging tree limbs that could drop debris and moisture into the condenser.

When the cooling season is over, a piece of plywood should be set on top of the unit to protect it from falling ice and debris. Do NOT wrap the unit in plastic. It is important for the unit to have air flow to prevent trapping moisture inside.

Finally, a yearly service call from a heating and cooling professional to check the performance of the unit, will keep your unit it top running condition.