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Service your Air Conditioner before summer arrives


Prevent air conditioner problems now with an annual service call for your air conditioning unit. Avoid forgetting about your spring maintenance until you actually need to cool your Winnipeg home and realize the air conditioning unit is not working properly.

If you’ve never had your air conditioning unit serviced, and haven’t had any problems, that is the perfect reason to schedule a tune-up this year.  Every winter your A/C unit will lose efficiency and properly cleaning the unit helps to sustain the efficiency and lifespan.  A service checkup this spring may save you frustration and money in the long run.
Call us at (204) 944-3444 and book your A/C unit tune-up today, or complete the online form found here.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

The general care of a central air conditioning system is pretty simple. Your system is comprised of a condenser unit, which is the large unit that sits outside your home, and an evaporator, which usually resides in the plenum or main duct above your furnace.

The cool air from your air conditioning system flows through the same filter and ductwork that your warm air does from your furnace. Because of this, it is important to change your filters monthly all year round, not just during the heating season.

Once spring arrives and you are ready to begin using your air conditioner again, you will want to clean the condenser coil. To do this, turn the power switch for the condenser unit off. This is usually located on the exterior wall of the house near the unit.

Start by vacuuming the fins of the unit. Use your shop vac with a soft brush attachment. This should remove any surface debris. Next, use your garden house to spray water into the unit, forcing out any lodged debris.

Those are the basics. There are several other aspects of your central air system that should be checked periodically to make sure that everything is operating at its maximum efficiency. Scheduling a routine annual tune-up with your heating and air conditioning professional will provide you with assurance that every piece of the system is ready for heat and humidity of summer.