Air Conditioning Maintenance in Winnipeg With Derksen Plumbing & Heating


In Winnipeg, we get hit hard with winter weather.  Lots of snow and when Spring finally arrives everything melts fast and furious. Let’s consider the effects of the winter snowfall on your Air Conditioning unit.

Every year, many air conditioner units are ruined by flooding.  While some parts can withstand a short-term immersion, the motor and electrical components will surely be ruined by flooding, costing you considerable money for repairs.

Ensure that the snow and ice cannot build up around the unit. From there let’s clear the area and make sure that the spring melt flows away from the unit. It’s recommended that your air conditioning unit is mounted just slightly above ground level (usually on a poured concrete slab to absorb vibration). There are brackets available which will allow you to mount the condenser unit higher off the ground, on the wall of your home.

For the Spring time, it is recommended that you do some preventative maintenance and have the professionals inspect your a/c unit.  The valves will expand and contract depending on the temperature so they need to be tighten from the harsh winter weather.  There are many other areas to inspect to ensure your air conditioner works when you need it to.

if your Winnipeg air conditioning unit is having problems or if you want to take the proactive approach and prevent serious problems from arising, you should call Derksen Plumbing and Heating at 204-944-3444 immediately to set up a maintenance inspection of your air conditioning unit.