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Derksen Plumbing & Heating to Participate in Alzheimer Society Manitoba’s Memory Walk





Derksen Plumbing & Heating walks to raise Alzheimer’s Awareness and Funds!

We are pleased to announce our participation in the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba’s Memory Walk on June 15th this year! Our team Headwig-Derksen Plumbing & Heating name came from one of our staff, Haley Janovcik, whose late Oma’s middle name was Headwig, so we are walking for her grandmother who passed two years ago from Alzheimer’s. We’re hoping our 8 person team will grow by walk day and are eager to start collecting pledges by walk day. Continue reading

Clogged Drain? Here are some spring cleaning tips

Is your plumbing system clogged? Well you have come to the right place as Derksen Plumbing and Heating has serviced Winnipeg for over 50 years.

First we need to figure out what is causing the blockage.  We have listed several of the more common factors that clog a drain.  Once we determine the cause then we will have a better understanding of what we can do to fix it ourselves or if we need to seek professional assistance. Continue reading