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Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

Sump pumps are a great way to protect your Winnipeg home from all the rainfall we receive over the summer. Sometimes this rain turns into flooding, which can leave your home ruined, as well as your bank account. Yet a machine as simple as a sump pump can help ensure this issue remains a relatively minor one. However, if you don’t maintain your sump pump properly, it can turn into one more expense you need to handle after a flood. Continue reading

Summer Brings Showers. Protect Your Home and Upgrade Your Backwater Valve

For any homeowner who’s dealt with sewer backflow before, it goes without saying that it isn’t an experience you want to put up with twice. During the summer, heavy rainfall can cause your sewer system to overflow all the way through the drains and into your home’s plumbing. The result is as disgusting as it can be costly. So this summer, have Derksen Plumbing and Heating install a backwater valve before heavy rains threaten to cause serious damage.

Despite how bad the backflow of sewer water can be for your home, the solution is actually quite simple. A backwater valve only works one-way. This means water can travel to the sewer system, but it isn’t allowed in the opposite direction. Backwater valves are so effective that all modern homes have to include them in their construction. However, older homes generally need them installed.

If your home is flood prone, as many are in Winnipeg, you should really consider installing a backwater valve. Sewer backup is disgusting, and it can also cost you more than $25,000 when you consider all the damage it can cause to your home and personal property.
Even if your home has a sump pump, this may not be good enough. As a Winnipeg sump pump provider, we’re all for this useful device. However, a backwater valve is still a good backup plan to have, just in case. After all, sump pumps are machines capable of faulty operation. If their motors and any of their other parts fail, having a backwater valve will be an invaluable investment.

For any Winnipeg plumbing services you may need, give us a call at Derksen Plumbing today. Our number is 204-944-3444 and can be used to reach us 24/7. Amongst other things, we have the skill and experience to help you decide if a backwater valve is necessary and install the right one if we find that it would be best for your home.