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Unencumber Your Drainage System – Learn the 5 W’s of Drain Clogs and What to Do about Them

If your plumbing system has clogging issues, you first need to figure out the cause. Only then can you decide what to do about the problem, including whether you can fix it yourself or need to seek professional assistance.

These five W’s are some of the common symptoms or factors that can help you determine why your plumbing isn’t working properly and what you can do to fix it.

Whoa There! – Do you frequently flush or wash down the sink large objects or lots of grease? That may be the problem right there. You need to be careful about what you put in your pipes. This will usually result in a simple clog that you can probably clean out yourself, but be more careful moving forward.

Widespread Clogging – If more than one fixture in your house is clogged, especially if it is the toilets, this could be a sign of blockage in your sewer line. In this case, you should call a professional or the city.

Weird Draining – Unusual effects after using a fixture, like using one fixture causing another to back up, is also usually indicative of a sewer problem.

Wooded Areas – If you are experiencing draining issues and have a lot of trees on your property, you may be experiencing a root clog. Professional plumbers should be hired to remove the roots and keep the problem from recurring.

Wrecked Pipes – Sagging or cracked pipes can trap water or allow backfill, which will affect drainage. These pipes will need to be replaced by professionals.

If your plumbing in Winnipeg is having draining problems as described above, you should call Derksen Plumbing and Heating at 204-944-3444 immediately to set up an inspection of your pipes.

Getting Our Groove On! – Community Support is a Very Special Part of Our Daily Business

It can be easy to take our ability to move for granted. If your body does what you want it to do when you want it to without pain, you likely barely think about how you’re moving most of the time. Sadly, not everyone is so lucky. Conditions like cerebral palsy, MS, and Parkinson’s disease make it difficult or impossible for many people to move well on a daily basis.

The Movement Centre of Manitoba helps these people and others with movement disabilities regain some or all of their skills and independence. The support that the center provides can be invaluable to individuals who may have thought they would never regain their movement skills.

The Move ‘N Groove-a-Thon is a fundraiser for the Movement Centre. Teams gather pledges that sponsor them to dance for six hours. Every type of dancing will be encouraged, from those with formal experience to those with no experience at all to those in wheel chairs or using other mobility aids. This means that everyone can participate! The event will take place on May 3, 2014, and you can register to participate – or make your donation – here.

The Derksen Group is extremely proud to be the title sponsor for the 2014 Move ‘N Groove-a-Thon. We believe in supporting everyone in our community, and the Movement Centre is an important part of life for some of the people who need our support the most.

We encourage our clients and readers to consider how essential movement is to their lifestyle, and how important it is that we provide options for those who have had their movement limited. Please participate in the Move ‘N Groove-a-Thon if you are able, and consider giving a direct donation if you cannot participate.

Stumped About Your Pump? – Let’s Take a Tour of Your Sump Pump!

Many homeowners may not know much about their sump pump, or even what exactly it is. Knowing about the pump will help you keep it maintained and keep your home safe from flooding, so it’s certainly advisable to inform yourself about the basics. Here’s a little tour of your sump pump!

First of all, what is a sump? It is simply a pit where liquid collects. Generally, the sump for your house will be a pit under a drain at the lowest point in your basement. Water will collect there as opposed to flowing randomly into your basement, which is good. However, it isn’t meant to hold that much water, so when there is a lot of water flowing, due to storming or flooding, the sump pump comes into play and pumps out the water.

Some sump pumps have the motor up on a pedestal to keep it out of the water, while others simply sit on the bottom of the sump and can be submerged. Both work, it is simply a matter of which was chosen when your house was constructed. Both may have ball float activated switches, as well. Both types also need to have valves on the outlet pipe to prevent backflow.

If you are experiencing regular flooding, you should also make sure that your pump drain hose is directing water to an appropriate location. If it pumps out water too close to your house or on a slope toward your house, the water may just come back in again.

While simple maintenance on your sump pump can be done yourself if you are handy, if you are feeling unsure, you should always call in experts. For sump pump cleaning in Winnipeg, call in Derksen Plumbing and Heating at 204-944-3444.