Monthly Archives: January 2014

Proud to Be Manitoba’s First Certified Mechanical Service Contractors Company

Since 1984, Derksen Plumbing and Heating has strove to be the name people turn to for residential and commercial plumbing in Winnipeg. We have taken a large step in reaching that goal by becoming Manitoba’s first certified mechanical service contractors company.

Adding to our COR certification, our MSCC certification helps Derksen Plumbing and Heating stand out as being one of the best in our industry. This certification is reserved for those service providers who have a track record of excellence. That’s not all though. To receive certification from the Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada, a company also has to prove that it’s willing to go beyond service by providing ongoing support and customer care. Lastly, we had to prove that we could carry out our business while following stringent safety measures.

In order to be recognized as an MSCC Certified Contractor, our company had to prove we are industry leaders. We did this by employing MSCC Certified Technicians who have each passed a written examination testing their skills and practices. Their professionalism and dedication is also taken into account when being certified. Before taking these tests, our technicians took part in an apprenticeship training program.

Not only does this certification speak to the level of quality you can expect from Derksen, but it guarantees we will always be at the forefront of the industry. That’s because the Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada also provides ongoing training and educational programs. This means Derksen will be offering the most cutting-edge services as efficiently as possible at all times.

If you’re in the Winnipeg area and have any issues with your heating or plumbing, contact Derksen today. We’ll be happy to show you what can be expected from a MSCC Certified Contractor. Day or night, call our service line at 204-944-3444 so we can begin solving your problem as soon as possible.