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Winter Renovation Project on the Way? Derksen Can Help!

While winter is often the season most Canadians decide to stay indoors and avoid the cold, there’s still plenty that can be done. If you’ve been putting off repairs or renovations, for example, winter can be the perfect time to finally execute the project. Continue reading for some of the reasons why this winter is the perfect time to renovate the inside of your home.Derksen Plumbing and Heating Winnipeg

As so few people want to approach a renovation project during the winter, many companies try to incentivize the market with sales and rebates. Labor and materials will often be cheaper thanks to the lull in demand. If you can’t afford the whole project now, consider purchasing whatever materials you can now, while the prices are down.

Everyone takes part in spring cleaning, but many homeowners in Winnipeg find themselves spending more time and money on repairs. Spring repairs come as a consequence of all the damage that can be done over the winter due to severe weather. As such, many companies will be tied up meeting the demands of those people who came out of hibernation to find problems with their homes. Do your renovations in the winter and you can often expect your pick of plumbing, heating and construction companies.

If nothing else, now is the right time to begin planning upcoming projects. Again, you can begin purchasing supplies now while they’re cheap and start scheduling services before the season’s thaw spikes demand.

Those in the Winnipeg area should contact Derksen Plumbing and Heating. The company has been in business for almost thirty years and has spent that time building a reputation that speaks for their excellent service and customer care. They also have COR certification and are the only business in Manitoba to have MSCC certification.

Call them at 204-944-3444, day or night, to schedule an appointment and begin planning that upcoming renovation.