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Prevent Expensive Repairs by Servicing Your Boiler

As with most equipment, your boiler needs regular maintenance and service to keep it running properly. Especially when winter is right around the corner, you want to ensure that your boiler is ready for the cooler months ahead. Annual servicing of your boiler can prevent expensive repairs, check safety features and extend the life of your boiler.

What Your Annual Boiler Service Should Include
Boilers use fuel and just like other fuel driven engines, they need maintenance to run properly. Whether your boiler is gas or oil, there is a certain amount of wear and tear that will happen over the course of a year. The surfaces become covered with soot and this can cause components to break down, even affecting the air-to-fuel ratio. You also want to ensure that all your safety controls are all in good working order. Your annual boiler service should include:

- Removal of soot. Your boiler components need to be cleaned and have soot removed to reduce deterioration.
- Combustion adjustment. Your air-to-fuel combustion should be adjusted into the correct ratio, ensuring the highest level of functionality.
- Leaks. Your boiler should be checked for any gas or oil leaks and have these repaired.
- Safety controls. All safety controls should be tested for compliance. These are important to detect failures in the system.
- Start-up check. Your boiler service company should be checking the boiler start-up performance and be detecting any problems with components. They should be listening for noises and other factors that can be a sign of future breakdowns.

By having your boiler maintenance performed once a year, you can fix small problems before they become large, expensive ones. It can also enhance the performance of your boiler and increase the longevity, saving you money in the long term.