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Time To Check Your Air Conditioner

The long awaited summer is finally coming to fruition, however with it also comes some of those days that are just a little too hot. Now is the time to make sure that your air conditioner, most likely sitting unused for several months, is working properly. Don’t wait for the heat wave to hit before finding out it needs service.

Three Simple Tests
If your air conditioner turns on and is working fine, you are in the clear for now. However, if it is not, there are a few simple tests you can do to diagnose the problem. Knowing what is wrong can help you determine whether it is better just to have it fixed or maybe replace it all together.

- Possible leak. Try turning your unit on cool or cold and on low speed. Give it a few minutes then put your hand in front of the grill. If the air has not cooled, you may be losing coolant.
- Compressor is out. Set your unit to fan mode on low. Turn it on and listen to how it sounds. Turn it back off and switch it from fan to cool or cold. Turn it back on and listen again. If it sounds the same, the compressor is not turning on and may be broken.
- Motor is out. Turn the unit to fan on high speed and turn on. Listen and feel for air coming out. If you hear a humming sound but still feel no air being pushed out, the motor may be out. Shut off and unplug the unit.

Depending on the problem, it may be an easy fix or it may be time to look for a new unit. Whatever the case, it is better to know now before the heat cranks up and your left wilting on the next hot summer day.

Take Advantage Of The Extended Province Sump Pump Subsidy Program for 2013

Basement flooding has become a real problem for Manitoba residents, with many homes not equipped with properly installed sump pumps or sewer backup valves. To help homeowners correct this problem, the province government created the Municipal Sewer Backup Subsidy Program which helps residents pay for an upgrade to their systems. The program had partnered with local municipalities in 2012 to cover the costs of these upgrades and now has extended this program to 2013. Two more municipalities, Ericksdale and West St. Paul, have been added to the program.

What The Program Covers
The program helps cover the costs to have sump pump or sewer back up valves installed, reducing the chance of flooding in homes. To qualify for the subsidy, the person must be a homeowner within one of the 22 municipalities that are currently participating in the program in Manitoba. Some of the other restrictions and details of the program include:

- One-time subsidy per property for eligible installations
- Installation must be done prior to applying for subsidy
- Subsidy is paid on 60% of invoiced cost, up to $1,000 on in-line back-up valves, $2,000 on sump pit only systems and up to $3,000 on both in-line valve and sump pit drainage systems
- Must be installed by a licensed, qualified plumbing company

Homeowners should check with their local municipality to find out whether they are participating in the program as well as to find out other restrictions that may apply.

In 2012, 2,300 homeowners took advantage of this program to upgrade their home’s protection against flooding. The province has allocated $2 million in funding for 2013 that is matched by local municipalities to cover the subsidy offered to residents. Homeowners should use this extension and expansion of the program to get this preventive maintenance done on their homes, if needed, at a reduced cost to them. It may prevent future basement flooding and water damage to their home, which cannot only be expensive, but also impact the value of their home.