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Drainage Issues

One of the more common plumbing complains is a slow-moving drainage system, which can be the result of relatively minor pipe clogs or a sign of more serious problems beneath the surface. A problem with your home’s drainage system can be an insidious one, causing everything from improperly flushing toilets to bathtub and sink drains that run slowly. If your tub drains so slowly that you have standing water around your ankles when you shower, there’s definitely something impeding the flow of waste water out of your home. There are a few different culprits that could potentially cause trouble with your drainage system, both inside the pipes running through your home or the exterior drainage system leading to a municipal sewer line or your property’s septic tank.

Root growth into underground drain lines is a common issue with drainage systems, and is one that can become quite costly if neglected. When tree roots grow into drainage pipes and obstruct water flow, it’s not uncommon for waste water to back up through the pipes and overflow into your home. Pipes and drains can be obstructed by other foreign objects, damaged due to advanced age or clogged with organic matter. If you’re dealing with drainage problems that don’t go away after treatment with a simple treatment of commercially-available liquid drain cleaner, it’s wise to contact a professional to determine the cause of your drainage problems. Waiting until sewage or waste water begins to back up into your home can be a costly mistake in terms of property damage and expensive repairs. Don’t ignore your drainage problems or put off an inspection until it’s too late; the experienced professionals at Derksen Plumbing can help you get to the “root” of your drainage problems. Give us a call!