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Drain Cleaning – Before It’s Too Late

If you are finding that water does not drain away quickly in your sinks, shower or drains, it is time to take action. Homeowners, who put off cleaning drains, usually do so because they believe that the task is difficult and time consuming. However, neglecting the maintenance of internal or external drainage systems can lead to much bigger problems.

By overhauling your entire drainage system, there are significant future savings to be made. With the proper equipment, a plumber can clean out drains, ensure that they are working correctly and are free from damage. Older drainage systems, for instance, are difficult for homeowners to maintain. This is a problem that is easily addressed by adding access points, which allow the homeowner to find and deal with common blockages. Replacing damaged or substandard pipes will also keep your drains free flowing and help prevent further breakages.

The natural enemies of our sewer pipes are tree roots. As well as breaking pipes, they cause blockages which often lead to plumbing backing up. The amount of work needed to repair broken sewage pipes, not to mention cleaning up the mess made in your home, will put untold strain on both your bank account and sanity. However, by preventing further damage from occurring, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your drains are safe. Applying grease and root destroyer, at least twice a year, will ensure that roots never play havoc with your sewer pipes again. What’s more, the chemical does not harm the actual tree; it only stunts the growth of the roots.

In general, it is advisable to keep a close eye on all aspects of your drainage system. A little maintenance now will save a lot of stress later. Don’t leave cleaning until it is too late.

Air Conditioner – You Turn it On and It Doesn’t Work

This is a common problem which requires a three pronged attack – periodic, internal and external maintenance. Regular servicing will ensure that the mechanical components of your air conditioning system, such as the thermostat, fan belt and furnace motor are working as they should. However, there are steps that you can take to prevent or determine the cause of the problem.

Make sure that your condensing unit is not obstructed by branches or undergrowth. Allow 36 inches of space on all sides and 48 inches above. This will enable air to flow freely through vents and fans, preventing build up of dirt and debris. You can clean the fins in the unit using a low pressure garden hose. Exercise care so as not to bend the fins or damage them in any way.

Make sure to replace disposable furnace filters every three months. However, both disposable and permanent filters need checked and cleaned on a monthly basis. Learn how to set your thermostat, ensuring that it is set below room temperature. If the problem occurs at the beginning of summer or winter, this could be an indication that your furnace has a seasonal timer switch. These are usually located near or just inside the entrance to a basement.

Even gas furnaces require electricity to operate the fan, so make sure to always check your breakers. Additionally, when carrying out cleaning of any component of an air conditioning system, make sure that you turn off the breaker first. If your filter is not fitted correctly, your air conditioning system will not work. Also, regularly check the connection coil to ensure that condensate is draining as it should.

If you are still unable to identify the issue, first consult the unit’s operational manual for further troubleshooting advice, before hiring a repair expert.

Project EDI – Encouraging Dominican Independence

At Derksen, our commitment to community outreach is about to go global. We are excited to announce that Derksen Plumbing has teamed up with Live Different on Project EDI – Encouraging Dominican Independence. The aim of the project is to raise $40,000, which will help provide food, clean-water and shelter for the people of Aguas Negras, Dominican Republic.

Aguas Negras is located on the banks of the San Carlos river, leaving it venerable to the wastes of Puerto Plata Floods. These people are greatly in need of land, building supplies and the essential tools to build a community. This is where we, along with your help, can offer the people of Aguas Negras the aid they so sorely need.

As part of the project, 20 volunteers will work directly with people from the Sosua and Puerto Plata areas, along the north shoreline of the country. Projects will include building houses, schools and medical clinics; community connection, which involves getting to know the people; and, “In Their Shoes Work Experience”, which gives the volunteers an opportunity to experience how the people on the island actually live, day to day.

Together we can all affect change. So please help us support Live Different and Project EDI. For more information on Live Different, project EDI and the other great work that they do, visit their website at and find out how you can help. Thank you, and let’s show the world that great communities can and do come together.