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Tree Roots Pain

Have you ever heard the saying, “Life will out?” It means, in essence, that life will always find a way. Which is rather profound and poetic, don’t you think? Bees are drawn to pollen; birds find protection in the skies; and trees seek out water, wherever it may lie.

However, as awe inspiring and beautiful as the determination of life is, it may cause problems for the sewer pipes beneath your property; at least in the case of trees. The slightest breach in a drainage system will allow water vapour to seep into the ground above the pipes, creating a welcoming beacon for nearby roots.

Upon reaching the moisture in the soil, tree roots will trace it back to the source. After which, it won’t take long before the roots find their way into the pipe’s internal cavity. Drawing from the nutrients found in their new home, these roots will spread and grow at an alarming pace. A natural dam will form within the pipe, preventing waste debris and grease from passing through the system. As the roots continue to feed, however, a much greater problem occurs. Fattened by the feast, the roots will eventually rupture the pipe entirely.

Signs of problems are evidenced by slow drainage in plumping and sewers. Homeowners should take steps to address issues, as soon as they become apparent. However, choosing which trees to plant and where, can often prevent problems before they arise. Consult a plumber in order to determine where your sewer laterals are. Avoid planting any tree or shrub, which is known to have an aggressive root system, within 10 feet of these areas. Period maintenance of lateral sewers will also ensure that you can have pipes repaired or replaced, which will prevent problems from arising in the first place.