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Try to Group Plumbing Repairs into One Visit

When faced with the need to schedule plumbing repairs, we at Derksen Plumbing urge you to consider grouping these repairs together in order to save you money and time. Walking through your home or building and making a note of any maintenance or repairs that you’ve been putting off is a great idea; anything that drips regularly or is prone to clogging should be added to the list. When your MSCC Certified Technician arrives, they’ll be able to handle each item on your list during one quick visit.

Grouping your repairs saves you money for extra trip charges, set-up time and also prevents the hassle of scheduling visits over and over as more fixtures demand attention. Saving your plumbing technician time will also save you money, so organized lists of things that need to be addressed is a great way to tackle everything in one fell swoop to save your money and their time.

Plumbing Maintenance For Buildings – How to Prevent Costly Plumbing Issues

Each year, millions of dollars worth of water damages are sustained by Canadian buildings. One of the leading causes of these expensive damages is the “out of sight, out of mind” approach that many home and business owners take in regard to their building’s plumbing. When everything seems to be in good working order, homeowners rarely give their plumbing a second thought. However, overlooking potential problems often leads to quite costly repairs.

Making and adhering to a plumbing maintenance plan is a great way to avoid these repairs. Checking water bills carefully for any spikes in charges that indicate a potential leak, winterizing carefully and being familiar with the water lines and shut-off valve in case of a leak are all part of a good maintenance plan. Also, checking the property’s water pressure periodically can prevent problems with water heaters. Water pressure gauges are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, and can save you a bundle in repairs.

One of the most wasteful and expensive fixtures in your home or commercial building is likely to be the toilet; leaks can lead to higher water bills and a conservation nightmare. Periodically checking your toilets for a leak can save money on both future repair bills and current utility bills.

Water heaters and garbage disposals also need regular maintenance, but should be left to a professional for safety reasons.

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