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Home Comfort – How to Select the Proper Furnace for Your Home

There are several things to consider when choosing a furnace for your home. The type of fuel and delivery system that you want to use for heating your home is usually the first decision to be made. If you are replacing an existing furnace, chances are that you will want to replace it with a furnace that will use the same delivery system and probably the same fuel source. You can certainly change all of these factors, but the costs will be much more substantial than simply replacing the furnace itself.

For a new home, your options are wide open. Electric heat, in-floor radiant heat or baseboards, is a very even, clean and quiet heating system. However, electricity as a fuel source can be one of the most expensive. Boiler systems, which heat with hot water or steam are also a very clean heat source and can be gas or electric. Forced air gas furnaces are one of the most popular furnaces, in spite of the circulating air, which can raise dust in the home. One of the reasons they are so popular, is the ability to attach an air conditioning system to the ductwork for circulating cooled air in the summer.

Once you’ve decided on the fuel and delivery system for your home furnace, you will want to compare furnace efficiency and determine the correct sizing of the furnace unit for your home. This is an important point in the process in which you should be consulting a heating professional. Heating professional, like those here at Derksen Plumbing & Heating, have been trained in calculating the proper furnace size for a home. They can also assist you in comparing energy efficiencies and prices in your furniture selection.

Fall Tune Up Steps for Your Furnace – Gas and Electric

Having your furnace inspected in the fall, prior to the winter heating season, is a wise investment. Preventative maintenance is always preferred to unexpected problems in the middle of winter. Although there are some maintenance items that a homeowner can and should do themselves, a full professional inspection will provide you with a more comprehensive inspection of all the important functions of your furnace. Here are some of the items that our professionals inspect when they perform a fall tuneup for our customers:

Gas Furnace

  • Check pilot and test for proper ignition
  • Visual inspection of seals of vent joints
  • Check blower motor for obstructions
  • Check filter to see if it  needs to be replaced and if it is installed correctly
  • Remove and clean burners for safe and efficient burning
  • Cleaning of sensor and pilot
  • Check electrical connections

Electrical Heat Systems

  • Clean and adjust the system for maximum efficiency

With both types of furnaces, our technician will also test the operation of your thermostats to be sure that they are functioning correctly.

A regular professional tuneup prior to the heating system will mean your heat system will operate at its optimum efficiency. Give us a call soon to schedule your fall tuneup.

5 Home Heating Tune-Up Tips

Winter is fast approaching.  Having an inspection and tune-up now of your home heating systems will save you from the chills of mid-winter repairs.  Here are 5 tips to get you prepared for the winter season.

Give us a call or book a service call online here.

Tune Up of Boilers – Gas and Electric

Every boiler needs a regular tune up to make sure that everything is working properly. This routine maintenance is important for the safety of your family’s home. Annual boiler tune ups will also ensure that your boiler is operating at its maximum efficiency, which will keep your heating bills at a manageable price. There are several items that will be cleaned, checked and tested during a regular boiler tune up.

Bleeder valves, circulator pump and the water flow valve should all be checked on a gas hot water boiler. The ignition assembly and main burners should be cleaned, and the boiler should be started up to make sure that these items operator properly. This will include checking the pilot light and burner flame outputs.

Your boiler has several safety valves that need to be checked to be sure that they are functioning properly. Electrical connections should be tightened, and the gas pressure checked to be sure it is at the proper level for your boiler. Your flue for your gas boiler should also be checked for leaks and/or blockages.

Have your gas or electric boiler tuned up just before the heating season begins is recommended by all manufacturers and is always beneficial to the homeowner for both safety and economic reasons. Call us to set up your boiler tune up appointment now.

Property Management Plumbing Services

When tenants call with plumbing problems, they expect you to be prepared to solve the problem. In order to do that, you need to have a plumbing service who have plumbing professionals available to service your needs when you call. We understand that.

As the property manager, you get the calls about leaky faucets, clogged pipes and stopped up toilets. Your reputation with your tenants is based on the performance of the service companies that you hire to take care of these plumbing issues. That’s why we like to give our property management clients top priority, when it comes to plumbing services. We know that, if we perform well, you’ll call us again the next time.

Our professionals are also trained to treat our clients and their homes with respect. Your tenants will be treated courteously, and their living space will be left clean and neat. If a problem requires more than one trip, we’ll be in contact with you regarding those needs.

Another aspect of our plumbing services that property management appreciate is our detailed and easy to understand billing. There will never be any question as to what work was performed, on what day and at one location. We do our best to make your job easier.