Monthly Archives: May 2011

Now is the Time to Service Your AC-Don’t Wait for Summer

It is easy to think that you have plenty of time to schedule your annual service call on your air conditioning unit. After all, we’re still not sure if winter is gone for good or will be back with one more flurry of the white stuff. Or perhaps you’ve never scheduled a service call for your air conditioning unit in the past, and don’t see a reason to do so this year. Unfortunately, both reasons have flaws in them.

If you’re putting it off until it gets closer to summer, you are gambling with a couple of issues. One is that a lot of other homeowners are doing the same thing. Then you may have trouble getting your home on the schedule, when you need it done. Another is that you may simply forget about it until it is time to use the AC unit. If the unit is not working properly during the first warm spell, you will find yourself having to wait for a service call in order to use your AC.

If you’ve never had your air conditioning unit serviced, and haven’t had any problems, that is the perfect reason to schedule a pre-summer tune-up this year. You may be losing efficiency and headed for trouble and not know it. A service checkup this spring may save you frustration and money this summer.