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Water Saving Shower Heads

Now that you have saved money with your low flow toilet, why not save with your shower head as well.

A low flow shower head saves you about 36% of more water compared to a regular shower head. This will help you save you money and conserve a lot of water in your household by reducing the pressure and volume of water being forced out.

A low flow or water saving shower head is a great product that will still offer the same necessities and features of a conventional one, but with the water and energy saving bonus.

Switch to Dual-flush and Low-flow toilets and Save

Dual-flush and Low-flow toilets saves water and saves you a whole lot on your water bill.

According to the City of Winnipeg’s website, each member of your family could potentially save more than 40 litres of water – every single day! That is a saving of more than 14,600 litres per person per year and $180 annually on a family of 4′s water bill.

Not only are you saving money with a high efficient toilet, you are also conserving energy and being more environmentally friendly. Start saving today by replacing your old toilets.

If you purchase a dual-flush toilet, you may be eligible for a $60 credit through the City of Winnipeg’s Toilet Replacement Credit Program.

Click here to read more about the City of Winnipeg’s Program.